Import Manually

In case you cannot install the theme and import the content, there is another option to help you.Before Import data XML, you should pay attention to some steps:


Step 1 – Look for Import XML folder in unzipped package downloaded from Themeforest and use the XML within it. You can find it in: traveler_package\Demo_data\xml\light\data, there are 15 XML files for importing

Remember find exactly the folder data, if not your data will be missed


Step 2 – Go to the WordPress Admin > Tools > Import and click WordPress as displayed in image below.



Step 3 – Firstly, you need to install WordPress

Step 4 – Once finishing, you need to activate the plugin and run the importer. Press importer plugin.


Step 5 – Select the XML files from Import XML folder in unzipped package that you  downloaded from Themeforest.

There are 15 files XML, You can make each file one by one until all files is imported



Step 6 – After importing XML file.

  1. Assign posts to an existing author.
  2. Mark the check box to download and import file attachments
  3. Click ‘Submit’ button

Note: Import process can take few minutes. So wait for it and try to keep your focus on current tab in your browser.


After that is done, you will have a bunch of posts, pages, properties and other contents as on the theme demo.


After import 15 XML files, continue go to Dashboard > Traveler Settings > Update Taxonomy, and update remain data: 

2. Add icons after import XML

3. Add Widget

4. Update OptionTree



Notice: Our demo images will not be included because those are licensed stock photos which are not allowed to be shared. Placeholders will replace them in photo library.