Update Visual Composer

Our theme has not included Visual Composer Key yet.
We buy Extended license for developing this theme and it will be updated in our product, then you can download it and update later.

You can update Visual Composer to the newest version.

Update Visual composer to the new version

After downloading and updating theme to the lastest version:
1. Go to Plugins, find Visual Composer > Deactivate and delete it.
2. After re-loading page, you can see the Notice:

3. Follow the recommendation to re-install Visual Composer

Update Visual composer Manually:

  1.  Go to this link and  Download the newest plugin
  2. Go to Plugins, find VisualComposer > Deactivate and delete it.
  3.  Add new Plugin and Upload Visual Composer:

After upload, you just need to Activate and Use

Note: We don't support for customize any - element belong to Visual Composer.