Traveler Release log

April 30, 2019
Traveler version 2.7.1

Fix Reflected XSS Injection Security

April 26, 2019
Traveler version 2.7


New modern Car layout.
New modern Rental layout.
+ Partner Dashboard


+ Popup image for Horizontal Gallery on Single Hotel.
+ Car and Rental to Mixmax Demo.
+ Google sign in method.
+ WPML translation.
+ Review text for non-review.


+ Paypal gateway does not show up.
+ Improve search/check availability function.

March 21, 2019
Traveler version 2.6


Split Payment gateway to Plugins
IPay88, OnePay, OnePay ATM, PayU Money, PayULatam, Mercado Pago, Billplz
RTL layout for new modern theme.

Single Hotel layout.


+ Console message SVG file
Video for single tour layout 2.
+ Hide price on the calendar when disable adult/children Tour and Activity option
+ Time format in calendar does not apply.
+ Display discount value of price in booking success page when use coupon code for Car Transfer.
+ Guest Name availability to insert all people on service.
+ Show end date in date field if tour type is Specific tour
+ WPML translation with Tour taxonomy
+ Starttime for Activity new layout


+ Number of review on header not match with number of review item in review section in new layout
+ Missing tour fields in partner dashboard new layout
+ Group day option when create booking with Tour service
+ Css star rating in tour page
+ Related Tour display also current preview tour.
+ Confirm booking button link to wrong link.
+ Customer feedback
+ Coupon need double click to apply with new layout.

February 21, 2019

Traveler version 2.5


+ Mixed new services layout.


+ Add download invoce button for booking success page in new layout
+ Validate commission for hotel service.
+ StartTime for Tour with new layout
+ Email template for new layout
+ Login popup does not work
+ Remove Google Plus.
+ DPO gateway check with WooCommerce plugin

+ On Off Children, Infant tour/activity
+ Fixed Responsive with search form on home page ( tomap,homap,acmap)


+ Date format for tour fixed departure date.
+ Location wrong in hotel near by.
+ Can not select single layout in the theme options
+ Tour price in partner create service.
+ Stripe missing field.
+ Count review in car service

+ Default Grid option of rental search result.
+ Cart header does not remove after checkout successful.
+ Booking car transfer does not apply coupon code.
+ Car distance is always set to 1km.

January 23, 2019

Traveler version 2.4


New Activity layout.


+ Datepicker language.
+ Update review text when have 0 review.
+ The Payfast PDT integration method is deprecated and discontinued by 2018-12-31.
+ Partner create discount by number of day booking for Hotel Room service.
+ Link to partner page in detail page.
+ External booking for new layout.
+ Layout add new service on mobile.


+ List Hotel review does not show up in old layout.
+ Change field Username to Displayname in user setting page.
+ Image link in email template.
+ Tour layout 3 does not display price on mobile.
+ Hotel/Room facilities display all items.
+ Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated option tree with PHP version >= 7.x

January 11, 2019

Traveler version 2.3


+ New tour layout.


+ Partner can enter rational numbers for price.
+ Remove Amadeus api system.


+ Hotel/Room facilities display all items.
+ Add link to changelog section in theme settings.
+ Styling Option does not apply.
+ Some theme options does not work.
+ Conflict login/register function.
+ Discount by amount for tour does not work.
+ Social login error.
+ Car Location does not work with multi selected location.
+ Room is not available with normal user.

December 12, 2018

Traveler version 2.2



+ New layout for hotel service
+ Direct Online Payment


+ Load calendar hotel room in Firefox Browser
+ Discount symbol is incorrect for Activity.
+ ST widgets missing.
+ Hotel Alone element missing.

October 27, 2018

Traveler version 2.1.3



Register Product for automatic update.

+ Display duplicated calendar price in backend.

+ Extra service for car transfer.

+ Add option to disable Adult (guest name).

+ Tour package responsive layout in admin panel.


+ Guest Name does not display in single hotel page.

+ Send message redirect to wrong page.

+ Hotel Alone settings does not save in single.

+ Date format in checkin field on mobile.

+ Link to search result page when click on location in single room.

+ Missing top filter option in Car search result page.

+ Booking for car service with wrong location.

+ Rental does not display in search result page.

+ Sync Availability does not finish.

September 14, 2018

Traveler version 2.1.2


+ Booking Manager in Admin panel.

+ Social Login.

+ Send message to book.

+ Invoice manager.


+  Intergrate AffiliateWP.

+ Verify partner info.

+ New layout for partner create service.

+ Add location data to the search field of car transfer service.

+ Fixed Departure for tour.

+ Add more Flight service for Tour package.

+ Add more field Guest Name in cart.

+ Update Woocommerce version 3.4.5 and WordPress 4.9.8.


+ Display price in Rental search result page.

+ The hotel price is “0” in search result page.

+ The hotel min/max price filter option in search result page.

+ Price in ST Slide Location elements.

+ Traveler Rating in ST Detailed Tour Review.

August 20, 2018

Traveler version 2.1.1

[ Update ]

+ Support
+ Translate Percent text.
+ List Hotel/Airport in Journey for car unlimited.
+ Partner update inventory.
+ Drag and Drop function for the Tabs.
+ Pagination for ST Location List Car element.
+ Membership Package Renew.
+ Remove Book Now button on the Map in Single service page.

+ Email template shortcode for custom checkout fields.
+ Email shortcode for Flight service.
+ Email shortcode for Car Transfer service.
+ Link to partner page for ST List Partner element.

+ Show remain slot for tour in search result page.

[ Fix ]

+ User Seeing service notification  display wrong number.
+ Calendar Price does not discount as Based price.
+ Car transfer round trip date.
+ Can’t search Specific Date Tour type in next month.
+ Display wrong price when change currency.
+ Travelpayout search result (whitelable) does not work on mobile when change currency/language.
+ Header search – Search by disappeared.
+ Calendar sync can not work.
+ Google font is missing in Style Option.

+ Missing Download Invoice button in Booking Success page.
+ Theme Option missing Flight Options.
+ File Upload does not appear in backend.
+  ST List of Location does not filter location by Location Type attribute.
+ Room Calendar Available does not update price.
+ Disable Service function in Traveler Settings disappeared.

+ Default custom map marker set to 150x150px for ST Google Map element.
+  Calendar datepicker can not select multi time.
+ Login Popup does not redirect.
+ Gallery element with Child Tab of Location.
+ Date format for Sale Schedule in partner dashboard.
+ Display date search for Car transfer.
+ Can not select month with datepicker.
+ Background image of single post with tab content information.

+ Can’t create new car.

May 25, 2018

Traveler version 2.1

[ Update ]
+ Display date format for Daily Activity on checkout form.
+ Location Tab update Grid type.
+ Display Extra service in single hotel.
+ Improve the loading site.
+ Add discounts by number of days for rental in partner dashboard and discount type.
+ Changing number of month on calendar when click left or right arrow.

[ Fix ]

+ Date format of woocommerce order detail in Admin dashboard.
+ Display credit card form when active only one payment option.
+ Price order in Search Result page.
+ User avatar problem in Search Result page.
+ The Thailand language with Invoice Download.
+ New contact form version does not send message.
+ Booking Calendar status.
+ Search Hotel result with ST Single Search element.
+ Search hotel result does not check number of adult.

+ Search hotel result does not check number of adult.

March 26, 2018

Traveler version 2.0.5

[ New ]

+ Amadeus Flight Affiliate Search.

[ Update ]
+ External booking for Flight service.
+ Change image to text “Package” in membership package page.
+ Translate review word.
+ Add more class/ID for fields in Partner dashboard.
+ Add option turn On/Off external booking option in partner dashboard.
+ Check https protocol in travelpayout result page.
+ Order membership package by price low to high.
+ Booking history for car transfer.
+ Woocommerce update.

[ Fix ]

+ Element Media Grid does not work with Child tab in Single Location page.
+ Hide Car Transfer item in Car Search Result page.
+ Room does not display Deposit information if Room does not have Discount.
+ Can not select number of Adult/Child for TravelPayout Flight on Mobile.
+ Wrong price for Fixed Extra Price in Hotel Room.
+ Membership package – Paypal cannot solve the payment when price is zero.
+ Wrong price with tax per item cart in cart page.
+ Group day in calendar for rental service.
+ Distance element for rental service.
+ Header/Footer for email template.
+ Set price fixed for tour service.

January 19, 2018

Traverler version 2.0.4


+ Hotel Layout.

+ Room Layout.


+  Tokenization stripe gateway.

+ Option to change Submit Form payment gateway logo.

+ Partner can update number of room available in inventory section.

+ External Booking for Car Transfer in Search Result page.

+ Translate text room footage.

+ Bulk Edit for Flight service.

+ Display discount label in list Rental.


+ Display wrong number of hired day for Car.

+ Coupon code can apply multi time.

+ Link download invoice redirect to homepage.

+ Max price filter page for all post type.

+ Can’t load Booking Details in Booking History section with Woocommerce Booking method.

+ Available Calendar for Specific Date in Activities.

December 26, 2017
Traverler version 2.0.3


Tour Package “Tour + Hotel + Car + Activity” for booking.

+ Partner can approve booking from dashboard.

Membership allow set Services for Partner can upload.

+ More payment gateway (PayU, Skrill,, 2checkout).


+ Display notification message when partner create activity without field required.

Multi language for Calendar.

+ Support more file upload type in Form Builder.

+ Add more default sort option for element Search Result.

New currency in list currency.

+ Partner page can customization.

Require extra services.

Partner send email to customer before start day.

+ List partner running out of date.

Direct booking room in single hotel.

+ Range people discount for activity.

New hotel inventory layout that admin can update room available in it.

+ Reduce the number of years in Bulk Edit.

+ Display month that have tour available on the calendar.

Support Booking Fee cho Woocommerce.

+ Option to change Preload Icon.

+ Allow partner can sync Ical in partner dashboard.


+ Outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files.

+ Display wrong Booking Fee price in Checkout page.

+ Can not book Flight Round Trip.

+ Wrong icons of Hotel Room Space element.

+ Flight – Automatically fill in destination field.

+ Display wrong number of night in single room.

+ Color field in Theme Options.

+ Check log list server.


+ Normal User send Request update to partner in user dashboard

+ Partner Layout page.

Intergrated more affiliate from,,, Traveler PMS.


+ Translation some words.

+ Changing Cart session to Cookie.

+ Use arrow up-down to choose data location in search form.

+ Datepicker in RTL mode.

+ Email to Partner when cancel booking.

+ Refund Manager.

Adding option allow partner automatic approval registration form partner.

+ Email template when cancel status is “incomplete”.

+ Adding element ST Cancellation Data for all services.

+ Profile for Partner.

+ Sort aphabet for location.

+ Automatical detect currency by language.


+ Money is not transferred after buy membership package by Paypal.

+ Date format added at wishlist section.

+ Search filter ajax does not work with taxonomy.

+ The word “/day” on location info can not be translated.

+ Coupon

+ Car Equipment with price By Day, By Hour.

+ Car bookinging price incorrect if the distance larger than 1.600km.

+ Booking status after user send refund.

+ Booking status for non-user.

+ Site loading after Reset password.

+ External Booking in Modal booking method for Rental.

+ Re-import st_user_online.json file.

+ Admin does not receive notification after Partner created new Flight.

+ Car content field for Car in partner dashboard.

+ Normal user can not see the content.

+ Review summary.

Jul 31th 2017
Traverler version 2.0.1


Mega Menu

+ Transfer / Taxi booking

+ Form buider for checkout


+ Search/Filter use Ajax technology

+ Add time booking for Tour

+ Add price children for flight

+ Order by price in ST List [Service Name]

+ Flight search

+ Availble and Unavaible date for rental – hotel

+ Location tab display on mobile

+ Booking Fee

+ Popup detail for information order

+ Order by Feature for services

+ Recapcha for login and register page

+ Ical is synchronized from big systems such as Airbnb, tripadvisor, homeaway.


+ Convert curentcy equiment car

+ Display car price when car have discount option

+ Logo menu do not displayed when choosed logo center

+ Navigation page on search result page

+ User booking history

+ Car price error

+ Woocommerce v3.1.1 when payment with adaptive paypal

+ Dispay detail error after payment by paypal

+ Check arabic for elements of Travelpayouts and Skyscanner

Jul 31th 2017
Traverler version 2.0.0
+ Paypal Adaptive Payment
+ Flight Booking
+ Partner and Buyer can contact via Message box
+ Invoice feature
+ Woocommerce 3.1.1
+ Add Myanmar Kyats currency code
+ Validation tour and activity services
+ Partner can register the package with multipe currency
+ The equipments price of the car is wrong
+ Remove ‘\’ character when update the title of the services on partner dashboard
+ Right to Left layout
+ The layout on mobile
+ Turn ON – OFF SEO option.
+ Approval partner
+ $order_by variable is undefined – ST List Rental Room element
+ The icon menu on partner dashboard is lost
+ The flaticon does not show when turn ON SSL
+ the Calendar and Datepicker is not synchronized
+ Price of the car is incorrect on the order details page
+ Permission for the list of refund page.
+ Nearby services still shows when it is deleted.

Jun 08th 2017
Traverler version 1.4.6


+ Overflow image on map item
+ Button next/previous of the calendar not show on Edge browser
+ Add new service button not redirect in Partner Dashboard
+ Disable login page when enable login on popup option.
+ meta variable not defined in 273 hotel.php



+ ICALENDAR IMPORT Rental, Tour, Activity
+ Add Inventory feature in Partner Dashboard
+ Add new layout for Tour, Hotel

May 23,2017

Traveler Version 1.4.5

  • [Update]
    -Add font awesome icon for main menu
    -Feature inventory for hotel
    – Google calendar synchronization for room
    – Flight / Hotel Whitelabel of Travelpayout
    – Oneclick demo data
  • [Fix]
    – Discount Price of tour service
    – Style mini-calendar for tour/activity service
    – Cart empty in Woocommerce
    – Can not add attributes in woocommerce
    – Cart infomation in Woocommerce
    – Style booking form of the room.

April 12th 2017
Traverler version 1.4.4

– Fix empty cart bug when updating Woocommecre to 3.0.
– Fix ‘Location is empty’ bug when upgrading data.

– Add new option on-off fixed form style in sidebar of the room.
– Update Visual Composer 5.1.1

March 23rd 2017
Traverler version 1.4.3 Date 03.23.2017

– Displaying the price on tour/activity.
– Saving service in partner’s dashboard page.
– Counting user online.
– Displaying avatar in list activity.
– Woocommerce cart empty.
– Responsive on mobile.
– Show empty message when login error.
– Create optimize page for data deletion (post draft, trash, expired availability, transient).
– Add required (*) characters to fields when editing services.
– Disable membership option.
– Option allows you to select the number of search tabs that are displayed in the search element.
– Fix haft-map on mobile.
– Add icon for “weather” element.
– Add ‘alt’ attribute for “img” tag.
– Update default layout for single page.
– Add link back to homepage on reset password page.
– Partner can upgrade member package.
– Disable API.

– Visual composer 5.1.

March 06th 2017
Traverler version 1.4.2 Date 03.06.2017


– Integrate travelpayout API and Skyscanner for searching hotel, flight
– Update styles for interface ‘Haft-map’
– Update tour discount feature according to intervals by the number of people. (Eg 2-3 persons)
– The method of ‘submit form’: When confirmed, order status is ‘incomplete’. Only admin can set the status as ‘completed’.
– Show all service items if it is admin( in the partner dashboard)
– Create option to allow you to input ‘weather api’ and fix errors of not displaying weather on elements

– Fix scrolling errors on mobile
– Fix link ‘https’ for social share links
– Set the ‘featured’ in the partner dashboard.
– Membership: Only user as ‘partner’ can show notification for registering member
– Membership: Fix payment errors when the price is 0
– Fix the selecting error ‘contact Info’
– Edit the title of email approved partner


Recommended to reset your browser, plugin, and server cache when you update. Visual issues may happen and more often than not, its caused by caches, and they need to be emptied. Each browser allows you to remove cookies, history and other data

January 23th 2016
Traverler version 1.4.1 Date 23.01.2017


– Update new style header
– [Fix] The url of Traveler-code plugin is incorrect.


Recommended to reset your browser, plugin, and server cache when you update. Visual issues may happen and more often than not, its caused by caches, and they need to be emptied. Each browser allows you to remove cookies, history and other data.

Please follow traveler release log in link below for full information:

January 20th 2016
Traverler version 1.4.0 Date 20.01.2017


– Flight booking of (whitelable)
– Get list service by Attribute.
–  Add submit form cho Withdrawal
–  Remove room’s validation for the rental search results
–  Add submit form payment for withdrawal
–  Add the remove cart button in the mini-cart on header
–  Add list property near by service
–  Membership package
–  Add number item of extra service for car
–  Remove ‘Return shop’ from cart page
–  New style for list-item
–  Setup page when user logged id
–  Typing characters on Location field of search form
–  Element ST List of Partner
–  Single Blog, remove link on Feature image.


–  Page Setting for Normal User after login
–  Lost password page
–  Coupon price
–  Change opacity in Grid Image slider
–  Can not add custom css in page templage with Visual Composer
–  Pagination from search page
–  Order by name of ST List Room Rental not working
–  Background color of header (on mobile)
–  Taxonomy is not hierarchical on default searching
–  Search result Tour – Grid: all items is Free


Recommended to reset your browser, plugin, and server cache when you update. Visual issues may happen and more often than not, its caused by caches, and they need to be emptied. Each browser allows you to remove cookies, history and other data.

Please follow traveler release log in link below for full information:


Gallery on single Room show Popup instead of redirect new page
The number of search items in Page Search


Remove Location sort by Alphabet
List images of Car(in element ST List of Car) is changed size by number of column on row


Recommended to reset your browser, plugin, and server cache when you update. Visual issues may happen and more often than not, its caused by caches, and they need to be emptied. Each browser allows you to remove cookies, history and other data.

Please follow traveler release log in link below for full information: