Ical Synchronize

You can manage the available calendar online list with this function. Just set the price for each day then import to the website.

  • You just enter the price number for the day if the date is available.
  • If the date is not available, you can use this format: “0|unavailable“.


After finish set the price of your calendar, you can follow these steps bellow to import it to website.

Step 1: Click on current calendar at the left side the select Calendar Settings to open setting box.

Step 2: Click on Ical green button to get the Ical link that contain the price you have inputted at step no.1.

Step 3: In your room details, go to Ical Sync tab and paste the ical link to field then click on Import button.

Wait a second until see the Successful message.

Step 4: Update your room then check in front page.

Here is video for you:

Please note: Use this format for tour/activity: adult|child|infant|price|status to enter the price.