Footer Page

To create Footer page, follow some steps below

Step 1 – Navigate to Pages > Add New

Step 2 – Use Element of Visual Composer to build Footer content. Add a new row and divide it into 4 columns, this is content for 4 columns

Column 1: Change “#” in tag “a” into social network link.

Note: If you want to use other social networks, you can go to  FontAwesome to choose icon and replace with fa-twitter 

Regarding other classes, “box-icon-normal round animate-icon-bottom-to-top” , if you change anything of theme, tag a may be displayed in a wrong way.

Column 2: Use shortcode from mailchimp: [mc4wp_form], you just need to add this shortcode on to Textbox element.

Column 3: Use element Raw HTML, then enter HTML manually as follows.

Column 4

Step 3 – Navigate to Appearance > Traveler Setting > Page Options > Page for Footer, then choose the page you have created to set Footer