Room Price

In this tab , you can set up:

– Price: Enter the default price per night for room
– Extra Price: allow insert some extra price like Laundry services, cleaning service…

  • Title: Enter the Title of Extra service
  • Name of Item: Enter the name in Lowerkey + prefix extra_(ex: extra_beverage)
  • Max of Number: Enter the limit of this service
  • Price: Enter price for extra service

– Price Unit this Extra services will be calculated per Day or Fixed
Ex: You rent a room in 7 days and You want to use Beverage service, you can select the payment form:
+ By Day: If you don’t use this server every day
+ Fixed: If you want to use it every day

– Discount Rate: allow input discount rate and set Sale Schedule
– Deposit payment options: allow disable or enable this option and custom number of deposit payment amount or percent