Adaptive payment methods

The Adaptive Payments provide to User of WP traveler  to select the payment scenario most suitable to their needs.

We provide add payment methods that is convenient between Buyer and Owner   .

We provide payment methods:

  • Parallel payment:
  • Chained payment:
  • Delayed Chained payment:

With The WP traveler, You may be the application owner and receiver. As the owner of a website, you are the receiver of the payments  from senders  who are your customers. The following diagram shows the relationship berween a sender, you as a receiver, and paypal:

1. With Parallel payment:

You are not required to be a receiver. For example, if you own a shopping cart, you are not required to receive payments directly. You can facilitate payments between the sender and receivers that provide the actual goods. The following diagram shows the relationship between a sender, you as an application owner that directs payments to receivers, and PayPal:


2. With Chained payment:

You can have at most one primary receiver and a secondary receiver. Chained payments are useful in cases when the primary receiver acts as an agent for other receivers. The sender deals only with the primary receiver and does not know about the secondary receivers, including how a payment is split among receivers. The following example shows a sender making a payment of $100:

3. Delayed Chained Payments

By default, payments to all receivers in a chained payment are immediate. However, you can choose to delay a payment to a secondary receiver. For example, as primary receiver, you may require partner to perform some action, such as shipping goods or waiting for expiration of a return period, before making payment. To complete the payment, you must explicitly execute a payment to partner after the sender pays you. The payment must occur within 90 days, after which you cannot complete the payment as part of the original chained payment.


  1. You must create account payment on the paypal including: a buyer account, a partner account, a admin account. Link:
  2. Traveler setting > payment Options. After  click tab paypal adaptive Options. Input neccessary informations including:

Please see the following video:


The adaptive payment method is new feature .We’ve made it really easy to write your own Add-On.

Don’t have time? We’ll write one for you.


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