Styling Header Options

Header Background: allow you setup background for Header, you can use color or image to upload on this option.

Enable Sticky Header:If you want to stick the Header when scroll down, you can enable this option.

Build menu item on Header:

From version 1.2.5, we provide you new options for building menu item on Header, follow these steps below:

  1. Go to Traveler Setting > Styling Options > Header Options
  2. Find Header menu and build it.
  3. Press to add new button, New form will open.
  4. There are 5 standards options to use: Login, Currency, Language, Search form on Header, Shopping Cart. You just need to select each item for this menu and arrange it as your wish.
  5. Besides, we also provide you options Custom link, you can use to build other informations:
    • Title: Enter Title for custom link, to mark the option.
    • Item: Select Custom link to active it
    • Link: Enter the link URL for item
    • Title Link: This is name of Link show on Frontend
    • Icon Link: you can use Fontawesome to enter code of icon.