Contact Form 7

Make sure that you installed the Contact Form 7 plugin (which should be done in the installation of the theme).

Step 1 – Navigate to “Contact” option on the main dashboard menu, click “All”, then Edit one contact form or select “Add New”.


Step 2 – Edit the field forms, your contact email and customize any of your auto messages. Save the form and then use the short-code provided in the brown bar at the top to insert your contact form wherever you want. Remember to enter your email instead of the [email protected] so you can receive the messages.

You need to add mail-tags to the fields in the Mail tab. These tags need to correspond to form-tags used in the Form tab.

For example, when you used a form-tag:

[text your-new-field] ([text name])

the corresponding mail-tag that you should use in the Mail tab should be:

[your-new-field] ([name])

For more details, see How Tags Work.

A mail-tag in the Mail tab will be replaced with the user input to the corresponding field form.