How to install and setup WPML ?

In 2.7.7 version, we have fixed some of hotel bugs that are not properly working with WPML.

This document will guide you to activate and install WPML in general and use for hotels in particular.

1.Activate and Setup WPML

Access to to buy and download the latest version of WPML then follow the steps as in the following video.

Important required note to setup WPML in Theme

  •  Select all the services in the ‘Post Types Translation’ section to allow WPML to translate the services.
  • Must select ‘Store a language cookie to support language filtering for AJAX’ in ‘Language filtering for AJAX operations’
    Some of our requests using ajax in combination with WPML will fail if this option is not enabled.

2.How to translate by WPML 

Important Note:

  • WPML only has the task of translating title and content (the content related to reading comprehension). The values ​​of quantity, price, availability cannot be changed. It should be agreed between languages ​​to avoid wrong search results and calculations.
  • You need to translate all services in same time. For example: 1 hotel you have 4 rooms, you need to translate all 4 rooms into other languages ​​for the search results to be accurate.

Please follow the steps guide video for translate here:


NOTE: If you use WPML plugin and WooCommerce to checkout, you need install this plugin

WooCommerce Multilingual – Multilingual WooCommerce Sites Made Easy

and set up plugin with