How to get information accurately Gmail’s SMTP

In the tutorial SMTP settings for WordPress, you see there is a lot you are having difficulty in getting information to Gmail’s SMTP server to send mail in WordPress, although it is easy to do.

So in this post, I’ll describe how to setup Gmail SMTP from the most detailed so that you can do, of course I had to use a very long time without any problems, apart from being limited to sending email 2000 / day.

To set up SMTP exactly like in this article, you need to enable the password function double (2-Step Verification) for the account if you have not already, by going to .

Here, you go to the Signing into Google (Log on Google).

Then choose to enable security functions of two layers.

After the turn is done, you go again to the Signing in to Google as above and select Password application.

Click directly on the item, then scroll down select Select app as Mail and Select device you choose something also, and press Generate .

Then it gives you a sequence of characters, let’s highlight and copy it all, this is your SMTP password.

Now your WordPress website, install the plugin WP SMTP and set as follows: