How to get new layout shortcode

Hello Customers,

After each new theme version, beside the fixed issue, theme will have new functions, layouts for service. With old customer that has built the site, they can not import data to your site to get the layout so in order to get it, they can import our demo data in localhost or temporary site to get all the layouts then copy visual shortcode to use in your main site.

Our images bellow will show more details of the steps.


1. Access admin dashboard of temporary site and go to Traveler Settings > Install Demo > install All Service option to get full data.


2. After install demo data, you will get full layout that theme has. Go to Layouts section at the left menu side, find new layout you want to use for your main site and edit it.

3. Copy all the shortcode to use in your main site

4. Go to your main site, open Layouts > Add New to create new layout with the shortcode

5. After that, click on Publish to apply the change.