Speed up and improve your WordPress Website performance

Today, attracting users who are interested in your website is the deciding factor for a website that exists. Suppose that users already know your website but they haven’t visited your site once. So how can you create sympathy for users when they first visit. There are many factors related to this issue as the outstanding website interface, good user experience, whether the website is right for their needs … Here, we are not talking about the content of the website. What we care about here is the experiences of users. It is not to be missed the waiting time for users to see the entire content of the website. We are talking about improving the speed of website page loading.

WordPress has done very well on both optimization and SEO website. But when the website uses themes, the plugin does not have good SEO techniques, it will make your website more and slower, along with a long-term website to use on the database will grow up. Combined by many factors will make your website significantly slow. Along with that, search engines like google or bing will also evaluate website performance are not high.

You may know about the value of speed:

  • Improve about SEO for WordPress Website
  • Save time for loading page
  • Increase web visitor by increase performance score

To solve these problems, we introduce two plugins that will help you: WP-Rocket and Imagify.

  • WP-Rocket will optimize the website’s performance depend on many techniques such as cache, DNS (content dispersion engine), Optimize File …
  • Imagify is the optimize plugin about the photo when users upload images into the website. Uploaded images will be optimized to suit the website, but the display quality of the images will not be changed too much.

Why we would like to recommend this plugin? There are many plugins for WordPress optimization on the market, but after using other plugins I realize that most of the other plugins are difficult to config and do not integrate many related parts that these two plugins bring. I would like to introduce and install these two plugins in detail to get the best results for your WordPress website by these following information:

  • Setup WP-Rocket Plugin
    • Before setup the plugin, you need to make sure that your website won’t use any other plugin that related with cache
    • Then, Go to WP-ROCKET’s homepage https://wp-rocket.me/  follow the instructions and download this plugin to your website and activate it.
    • WP-ROCKET configuration
      • After active, click on Menu Setting > WP Rocket will be shown on this page.



      • This plugin brings many techniques to help optimize web pages such as Cache, File Optimize (optimizing static data CSS, JS), Lazy load, CDN, Optimize Database.
      • Start config:
        • Cache:
          • Mobile cache: Speed up for mobile visitors.
          • User cache: Save cache when the client login.
          • SSL cache: Cached when websites run on HTTPS.
          • Cache lifespan: The period after which all cache files are removed.

        • File Optimization: Optimize static data like CSS, JS.
          • Minify Html: Save the HTML page when cutting off the excess space.
          • Combine Google Fonts file: combine request file to google again to reduce query.
          • Minify CSS: Similar to minify Html
          • Minify Javascript: Similar minify CSS and minify Html.

        •  Media:
          • Lazyload: Only load images, videos or frames when the element appears on the screen. The Lazyload does not work well on the theme Traveler (should not be activated).
          • Emoji: Remove all emoji from wordpress homepage
          • Embeds: Prevent embedding content from your site.

        • Preload:
          • Preload: Automatically reload cache when user changes in the post or the page.

        • Advanced Rules: Declare but the directory or path do not want to save the cache.

        • Database: Delete post, page, spam comment.

        • CDN: Distributed Content



  • Setup Imagify Plugin

After setup and active plugin. Config plugin from Menu Settings > Imagify you can get.

Once you had the API Key enabled, you will be using the Imagify Plugin.

These above are customizations for this plugin that operate in the Optimization Level: Aggressive mode.


Above is the whole way to config two WP-ROCKET & Imagify plugins

The above configuration is not configured with CDN.

We use two tools to test site performance:

Get Result: Before and after


Optimilize Image: