Translate_How can I translate the text?

Dear Customers,


You can use Poedit to translate special text of theme:


The way to translate is:

– Translate on your desktop

– Upload translated .po/.mo files to live site.

– After update theme, copy translated .po/.mo files to language folder of new theme package and replace the existed files then update .po file to get all new words.

– Translate new word then upload to live site again.

There are have some point you need to care:

– Install theme on your localhost (your computer) and your site (live site) using same theme package.

– Follow the document to set up and update language file (.po) to get full available words.

– Translate the word normal as the document with the site on localhost.

– After translated, using FTP to move the translated file to your live site with same folder and replace it.

==> now your live site has translated.

– After each new theme version, there are always have new word can be translated, you update for both localhost and live site with same theme package then come back to point 1 to translate again.

Hope it helps for you!