How Can I Config Twitter Key API?

Hello Customer,

Please follow the guide bellow here:

1. Create Twitter Developer Account

2. Create New Project and App

Step 1: Create Project

Step 2: Name your project

Step 3: Which best describes you?

Step 4: Describe your new project

Step 5: Name your app

Step 6: Save your API Key and API Secret Key

3. Edit Your App

Click on your app (eg Traveler Twitter) and edit it in Settings

  • App Name: your app name

Traveler Twitter

  • App Icon: your app icon
  • Description

This app was created to use the Twitter API

  • App Permission

Read Only

  • 3-legged OAuth: set enabled
  • Callback URL: use this suffix after your domain URL /social-login/twitter/callback

For example

  • Website URL: your full website URL
  • Organization name: None
  • Organization Website URL: None
  • Terms of service URL: this URL for the term of service page
  • Privacy policy URL: this URL for the privacy policy page