Why should you use upgrade data feature?

Since traveler version 1.2.7, if you have a few new data updates related to Locations, Languages…This function will support you to update and re-link all old and new data so the theme can work by it’s best.

All you need is go to Traveler Settings > Upgrade Data > Click “Update Now” button to perform it.

Please wait a few minutes until  3 sections display Completed.

Note: This function is only available with customers who are using the previous theme. If you have a fresh WordPress installation with new Traveler theme. So far, you do not have any data, you do not have to run this feature. After click on import demo data, all data will be automatically updated.

If you get a message “Your location is empty” when running “Upgrade Data” . Please read our document here to solve this problem: How to Upgrade Data properly?