Car Transfer



Before, you must locate latitude and longitude for hotel and airport.

Then, you can create a new car transfer. Click on Car > Add New and a new form the following picture.




  1. Click on Price setting > Car Type . You must choose car transfer.
  2. Choose Price Type:
    • By Distance that pay by kilomet.
    • By Fixed  that pay by journey.
    • By Passenger that pay by  passenger.
  3. Input the number of passengers for car
  4. Journey at here you must choose transfer from and transfer to. It is work with Hotel service and Airport type of Flight service.
Form add new for car transfer


To create for from search car transfer. Click on Page > Add new.

And you do steps below:

  1. Input title.
  2. Add elements: ST Sum of Car Search Results.
  3. Add filter elements: ST Search Filter and ST Seach Price.
  4. Add result elements: ST Car Transfer Result.
  5. Choose with template: Transfer Search Result.

You can look at the following picture:


Form search for car transfer

In Modern theme style, you just need select page template and upload featured image for it:


then set the page in Theme Settings here: