Hotel is one of the noticeable features of Traveler. It is separate from other features, so you make Traveler Theme for Hotel (plus Room) only.

Simple, just navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Hotel > Add New

You can refer to this video here to create a new Hotel and setup full function for this service

1. General Setup

  • Title: Name of the hotel
  • Content: Description of the hotel
  • Feature Image: the thumbnail image which will be shown in the list of hotel
  • Hotel Facilities

The listed basic hotel facilities, such as Airport Transport, Fitness Center, Parking Lot, Pool…
When adding the new hotel, tick the facilities you want to. You can also add more new Hotel Facilities to the hotel.

  • Hotel Theme

This is used for selecting the featured type of hotel. For example, Luxury Hotel, Standard Hotel, Resort Hotel. It is possible to add more new hotel themes as you want.

2. Hotel Information

2.1. Location

Hotel Location: choose one or multiple locations for the hotel.

Hotel address: input detailed hotel address.

Location on the map: show hotel location on the map in the front-end.

You can search hotel location in the search box then these parameters will be auto-generated. Otherwise, you can input these parameters directly

  • Latitude: the latitude unit of address
  • Longitude: the longitude unit of address
  • Map zoom: zoom levels of address

You can find latitude and longitude information on this website


Properties nearby: the properties nearby this hotel, will be shown on map.

Click on Add New then input this information: Title, Featured Image, Description, Map icon, Map lat, Map long.

2.2. Hotel Detail

  • Set hotel as feature: ON will set this hotel as Featured Hotel. The featured hotel always shows on top of search results.
  • Hotel single layout: choose the layout for the hotel. This layout will be shown in the front-end with end-customer
  • Hotel gallery: Upload the photos of hotel
  • Hotel video: input Youtube/Vimeo URL of hotel’s video
  • Hotel rating standard: set the stars rating star of the hotel. It’s 1-star 2-star 3-star 4-star and 5-star

2.3. Price

Set auto calculation average price: setup how to calculate the average price of the hotel

  • ON: Automatically
  • OFF: Input manually

Average price: input average price when you set auto-off

2.4. Check in/out time

Allowed full-day booking: Set ON to allow booking full day regardless of the check-in/out time. For example, booking from 22 -23, then all days 22 and 23 are full, other people cannot book. The booking will count as one-day

Time for check-in: Input time for check-in at the hotel. This information will be shown on the hotel page

Time for check-out: Input time for check-out at the hotel. This information will be shown on the hotel page

2.5. Other Options

Book before a number of days: Input number of days can book before from check-in date. After these dates, the hotel is unavailable to book.

Minimum number of days to book before arrival: the minimum dates per valid booking

2.6. Hotel Policy

Click Add New then input the hotel policy with Title and Policy Description

2.7. Inventory

This table will assist you to see the number of available rooms