Rental is one of noticeable features of Traveler. It is separate from other features, so you can turn Traveler into a website only for travel Rentals.


1. Add a list of Rentals on Homepage


You only need to add a new row then use element  ST List of  Services to enter information:


  • Service: Select Rental service in the dropdown list.
  • List ID in Rental : Take out special Rentals in this list by ID([Rental ID]), each item separated by a comma.
  • Number Rental: how many Rentals you want to show. Insert “-1” for unlimited.

2. Layout Single Rental Detail

When editing the rentals, Navigate to “Rental Details” -> “Rental Information” -> “Rental single layout” and select  the layout you want.


3. Search Result for Rental

Step 1. Add new Page

Step 2. Select Page Attribute: Rental Search Result

Step 3. Select layout you want to use in the page setting section.



Step 4. You are recommended to use Filter instead of Widget Sidebar.

There are several sub-elements added in Filter tab of page setting.

After that, you can set up that page to use for display search result in Rental Options section of theme.

4. Amenities/Suitability

Some basic Amenities/Suitability of rental such as Kitchen, Pool, Wifi-Internet, Parking, etc and so forth, are provided on the theme.

When adding a new rental information, tick amenities/Suitability you want to. However, each rental provides its own Amenities/Suitability beside the basic ones, you can add more new Amenities/Suitability to the rental.


You can create more attributes, click here.

5. Create a Rental


Step 1 – Navigate to Rental in your WordPress admin sidebar.

Step 2 – Click on the Add New option to make a new Rental. Create a title, and insert your description about Rental in the editing field. You can use any of our shortcode builder elements inside the post. Or use WPBakery Page Builder to build content for this Rental, it makes your single is nicely

Step 3 – Add Amenities, Suitability, Rental Type from the right side. To assign it to the Rental, check the box next to the Attraction name.

Step 4 – For a single image, click the first Featured Image Box, select an image and click the Set Featured Image button.

Step 5 – Scroll down to Rental Settings box, inside you can custom information for your tour

Step 6 – Once you are finished, click Publish to save the post.


6. Rental Location

This Section Allow You To Setup:

  • Location : Choose multiple locations for the Rental which included theme. You can quickly search by enter keyword.
  • Address : Import Rental Address detail, include number, street name, city/province, country.
  • MAP : You just need use the Marker map and move in the map



7. Rental Information

You Can Setup Some General Information In This Section:

  • Set as Featured: Set as Feature Rental to highlight the rental.
  • Booking Options: select Instant booking or Inquiry booking or both of them.
  • Set up: Rental details like number of rental, adult, child, bed…
  • Gallery: Upload the rental-related photos.
  • Video: Introduce Video on Rental by input YouTube link URL.

8. Rental Price

This Section Allow You To Setup Normal And Discount Price


  • Price: Enter the price for the rental.
  • Fields list discount by number of days: You just need press Add new and enter the discount
    • Step 1: click on Add New button
    • Step 2: Enter title of list discount
    • Step 3: Enter number of days
    • Step 4: Enter Value of discount
  • Discount type: You want to discount by percent or fixed amount.

If your Rental provides some Extra services, you can follow these steps below:
Extra Price

  • Step 1: click to Add New button
  • Step 2: Enter title of Extra service
  • Step 3: Enter Name of Extra service, remember: instant write unsigned 
  • Step 3: Enter number of service
  • Step 4: Enter the price of service
  • Discount by Percent: Discount of this Rental by percent or amount
  • Deposit payment options : Choose payment methods for deposit: percentage if you want to use this feature.

9. Available Rental

We Have Support Availability Calendar To Setup



(1): To update price in calendar when add price have error

(2): To display previous month(s)

(3): To display next month(s)

(4): Previous month day(s), or day(s) that have passed. To properly separate this day(s), we reduced the opacity.

(5): Next month day(s). To properly separate this day(s), we reduced the opacity.

(6): Current day

(7): Day with unavailable status. This day will not display prices

(8): Day with available status. This day will display prices

(9): Day selected when click on the calendar, move mouse in the calendar to select multiple days

(10) & (11): Selected period for which you can make a price

(14): Set a price for day

(15): Price detail of a day

(16): Set status for day range from (10) to (12)

(17): To update price & status for day range from (10) to (12)




Calendar view

  • Item 1: Click to display previous month(s).
  • Item 2: Click to display next month(s).
  • Item 3: Day with unavailable status or past day
  • Item 4: Day with available status
  • Item 5: Day selected to book

10. Rental Options

This Option Allow To Setup:

  • Book before number of day: Minimum days to book before departure, use mouse drag the slider to adjust the number of days
  • Minimum stay: you have to book this homestay at least 1 day
  • Allow external booking: TURN ON this option then enter link URL if you allow your client booking this Rental on another site.
  • Allow rental groupday: Turn on Group date booking that you can set up in Calendar available.