Custom Field for Service

Traveler theme has limited Service facility options but You want to add more fields like “Neighborhood”, “Parking”, “Storage”, “En-suite Laundry”, “Stories” and many more for Room of Hotel or other service ..

So we have Custom Field Options for you, this post will guide you How to create Custom Field for Tour.


How To Create Custom Field On Theme Options


Go to Traveler Setting > Tour Options > Custom Field

  1. Enter the Custom Field Name
  2. Select the Field Type
  3. Enter sample text for Field

  • Title: Add the title for information that provided
  • Field Type: Depend on content to choose the type. There are 2 options: TextField and Dateformat.
  • Default: Insert text to display the default value.
    • Textfield: Default value will be imported in the form of Character (text, number.. )
    • Dateformat: Import numeric date format.


After saving the field will be show on Tour Setting:


NOTEShort-code is on the right of Default:   [st_custom_meta key=”st_custom_abc”]
When we set up a new custom field to describe the rental, it automatically generates a short-code in order to support in Single Layout

Show custom field on Single Tour


1. Get short-code on Tour detail



2. Go to Layout that you build Tour Detail (Default : Layout : Single Tours 1), you can go to there, then Add short-code: [st_custom_meta key=”abc”] on layout.



3. Style for this Custom-field, when you show this function, you can use CSS code  to add  Style for  it

In case, you want to add the custom link into the button, you can follow this guide:

The custom field

Add shortcode to button


Use this HTML code:

<h5 style=”text-align: center;”><a class=”title” href=”[st_custom_meta key=st_custom_external]” target=”_blank”> <strong><span style=”color: #ffffff;”>PRICE &amp; BOOK</span></strong></a> <span style=”color: #ffffff;”><strong>⇒</strong></span></h5>