Google API

From June 22, 2016 google no longer support key-less access (any request that not include an API key).  That is reason why some Feature on Location is missed.

This post, we will guide you  “How to get Google API for site”?.

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How To Get Google API Key

Register your application for Google Maps


Step 1 – Create your project

  1.  Go to Google Maps Platform




2. Press the ‘Get Started’ button. In the window that opens, tick all options. Press Continue. At this stage, you will be asked to create a Google account or login to your existing one.



3. In the updated window, choose ‘Select a project’ and enter project name (e.g. Set Compass) in the box below. Then click Next.




Step 2 – Create a billing account

  1. In the updated window, click Create Billing Account.



2. Create a name for your billing project and press Continue. Fill in the form with your contact data and payment information. Click Next.

3. API is already created that mean you are already logged in to the account. If you are signout then go to the Google Cloud Platform console and sign in and select the project where you want to attach the billing account.


4. Open the console left side menu and select Billing



5. You can Try Google Cloud Platform for a free trial to accept the terms of services




6. Enter the name of the billing account and enter your billing information. The option you see depend on your billing address.


7. Click Submit and Enable billing.



Step 3 – Get your API key and connect it to your site.

1. After clicking Next in Step 2, will be offered to enable your APIs. Press Next.



2. You will see a new window with your API key in the box. Save the key to be able to use it and press Done.



3. (Optional) To protect your API Key and prevent anyone else from using it, click on credentials in the left pane then click on the project name as shown below.


4. (Optional) From Application restrictions select HTTP referrers (Web sites), enter your site url in the Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (Web sites). Then click Save.
Note: It may take up to 5 minutes for settings to take effect.



Add Google API into ThemeOptions

Go to Traveler Setting > Other Options > Google API Key