Upload Font Flaticon

Before upload Font Flaticon, please take note that we do support this function in Classic Layout only. 

KIndly, follow these steps to update flat icon:

Step 1: Navigate to FlatIcon library.  You can download the icon pack or icon collection to upload to your site:

  • 1.a1: Select a pack
  • 1.a2: Download the icon pack

  •  1.b1: Click on select icons to view detail icon
  •  1.b2: Click on button to add to your collection
  •  1.b3: Click on flaticon collection in taskbar to view your collection
  •  1.b4: Click on button to download your collection

Step 2. Unzip the file downloaded then re-zip the files in “font” folder:

Step 3. After download collection on your computer. Navigate to dashboard your site to upload the flat icon pack

  •  3.1: navigate to dashboard > Traveler Settings > click to Importer font-icon

  • 3.2: Click choose a zip file from your computer (choose the flaticon pack or flaticon collection which you downloaded in step a.2 and b.4
  • 3.3: After chosen the zip file click to button Upload and wait some second to complete upload process

You can watch this tutorial video to know more: