Modal Booking

Card Accepted

This option allows you to add Card information on your site.  It is same as data, do not use to pay anything.

Building card information to assign it for each service like this:

To add new Card item, follow these steps below:

  1. Title: Enter Title for Card item
  2. Image: Upload an image for Card item

List of currencies on Traveler:  The list of currencies is shown on the left of Header

To build this list, follow these steps below:

  • Go to Traveler Setting > Booking Options > Currencies
  • Press Add new button to show new form to Add currency
  • Enter some important information:
    • Title: Enter title for currency
    • Currency name: Select on the list of currencies name
    • Currency symbol: Enter the symbol of currency
    • Exchange rate: This rate will be calculated versus Primary Currency. For example: this is USD and its exchange rate vs Euro is 1.06
    • Currency Position: This controls the position of the currency symbol.
      Ex: $400 or 400 $
    • This currency is used for RTL languages? If you are using RTL version, you should TURN this option ON.
    • Thousand Separator: Specifies what string to use for thousand of separator. Depending to your currency, you can change to other symbols.
    • Decimal Separator: Specifies what string to use for Decimal separator. Depending to your currency, you can change to other symbols
    • Currency decimal: Adjusts the number of digits after decimal.

Main Currency: After adding new currency by the above form, you have to save Theme Options once again to update the list of currencies before seting Primary currency.

Always remember the Primary currency ‘s  exchange rate to be set as 1.

 Auto detect currency by language:

  • Theme will automatic change currency following default language of web browser.
  • You should config WPML that allow theme detect the language via plugin.

Allow guest Booking: This option allows clients to make booking for any services without Logging in or Registering.

Tax Options

Enable tax: This option allows you to TURN ON tax for service items.

Price included tax: If you TURN OFF this option and you want to show individual tax on Bill

Tax value (%): Enter the value of Tax for each service