Mega Menu

Mega menu can help you to change your interface menu for the site. Moreover it can help you to create the menu with your idea.

1. Create MegaMenu with WPBakery Layout


Step 1- To create the mega menu, Nagative to Traveler Settings  > Styling Options > Menu > Mega Menu. Then click ON.



Step 2- To config menu. You Click on Appearance > Menu > Create menu. Then check and add sub-menu for menu mega



In case you want to add more font-awesome icon before the menu text, you can read here.


Step 3- Click on  Mega Menu > Add New. Then you can input information for the menu.

+ Name mega menu

+ Choose image and WWp Custome Menu.

+ Setting for WP Custome Menu -> choose menu that you make at step 2.



Please see the following video.


2. Create MegaMenu with Elementor Layout

With Elementor Layout, kindly create it in WPAdmin > Menu section