Let’s enjoy a new feature of Traveler theme

From Traveler version 1.4.0, we give you new solution for existing Partner function on the site, it is Membership feature. This feature will help Admin to control the number of services Partner that allowed to upload to the site, avoiding overloading if Partner uploads services indiscriminately.

The main content of Membership will have the following here:

  • Admin to create Membership packages for Partner


  • After theme is updated to version 1.4.0, Membership feature will be updated to partner immediately, then they will receive a request to UPGRADE your account to continue using. If Partner does not update your account, it is like User Role.


  • After Partner has paid Membership package in the form of ONLINE payment, your account will be required to upgrade immediately and may be go into use immediately. But if they are paid in the form of SUBMIT FORM (offline), you have to wait for administrator’s approval (update of the payment status is COMPLETED).


  • In case you want to change Membership package, they must contact the administrator correctly to cancel your current package, then they can make a purchase new Membership Package

Create a new package for Membership


Go to Traveler Setting > Member Packages to add new Package and select service type for each package.



Membership Options


Go to Traveler Setting > Membership Page Options

Member Packages Page: Select a page for member packages page

Member Checkout Page: Select a checkout page for member packages

Member Checkout Success Page: Select a checkout success page for member packages



Create page function for Membership

Go to Page > Add new, then select the corresponding template:



There are 3 Template need to create on it:

  • Membership Package: this will show all current package on your site. Choose Member Packages to create this page


  • Membership Checkout page: this is check out page for Membership booking. Choose Member Checkout to build this page.


  • Membership Checkout success: this page will show Booking status after checkout. Choose Member checkout Success


With modern layout, you need to choose page templates with New suffix at the end.

  • Membership Package NEW
  • Membership Checkout page New
  • Membership Checkout success New

How to update Partner


After creating a new package and some function pages, go to Partner panel to see How Partner panel works. You can follow the video below for more details


1. After log in, Partner will see the Pop-up that requires Upgrading the Membership Package.



Select a Membership package

Form of payment

Currently, we only support four forms of payment including:

  • ONLINE: Paypal, Payfast, Paystripe
  • OFFLINE: submit form
  • Do not support form of payment in Woocommerce Booking

2. Partners have to select one of all Packages for Member to continue using Partner Feature. If not, all the services on the left sidebar will be hidden,and Partner cannot work anymore.



3. After submit form is completed or payment is successful , Partner will wait for Admin’s Approval (On the video above, you can see all the  steps for approving new Partner). Then,  partner will be receive an email as below.