Inbox Chat

Inbox chat is a new feature that allows Partner and Customer chat together.

The left side shows the booking function. And the right side displays the box chat. Customer can chat with partner at any time.


How To Setup Inbox Chat Feature


1. Edit the layout which allows both booking for service and chatting with partner.



2. After that, you can import element

  • Input ST inbox form into the search box
  • Click on ST inbox form
  • Setting for element such as title = chat with me , active = yes


3. We have the adding element  interface



4. Reload the page to have the inbox chat with the customer account

5. To manage chat with customer

  • Customer click Inbox Notification to see the message
  • To manage chat with Partner With the Partner page

Partner click inbox notification to see the message


6. This following video will show you how to setup inbox chat feature.