Paypal Payment In New Version ?

Dear Customer,

From version, we has updated Paypal payment by new API:

We still keep the previous Paypal plugin for customer who do not want to make an update for this version.

Please refer our steps guide for setup and make a payment via Paypal:


How To Set up Paypal payment


-Create Sandbox account by access to:

then follow our video guide here:

Theme settings:


(1) Enable Paypal: Turn on Paypal

(2) Paypal Enable Sandbox: Enable Paypal test mode. This mode uses the sandbox account of paypal.

(3) Paypal Client ID: Enter Client ID

(4) Paypal Client Secret: Enter Client secret code

(5) Currency Conversion: Please refer Paypal supported currency here:

If your site is using the currency that not belong to Paypal supported currecy, then this option allow you to convert it to Paypal currency for payment.
The currency of the option is taken from the list of currencies you setup in List Currencies in Theme Options -> Booking Options.

To setup Paypal plugin, you need upload file or via WordPress upload plugin menu.

You can find File Storage Folder here: traveler\inc\files

Note: You can only use one of two Paypal versions