Traveler Optimize


– During the operation of the website, it will bring a lot of draft data, spam comments, trash, especially data availability. This is the reason why your database expands and the query is slow. Sometimes, it also stores malicious codes that affect the speed up and security of the website.

– This addon was developed to support database optimization, eliminate exuberancy data to limit database, reduce the risk of malicious code in the database.


I. How to install and setup Traveler Optimize

Step 1: Once, you have purchased this Add-on, extract this and you will see 3 files folder



Step 2: Click on “Upload plugin” in dashboard and upload file


Step 3: Activate the plugin


II. Traveler Optimize 


Access to Theme setting -> Traveler Optimize



  • Notice the number of items to delete
  • When you click, the excess data in theme will be deleted
  • When you click, it will display list of excess data to be deleted
  • Each checkbox will automatically check if existing data to be deleted, you can remove the checkbox if you do not want to delete


List of data to be deleted: post revision, draft post, trash post, spam comment, expired transient, expired availability, duplicate data, service data


Please refer our video guide here: