Traveler Viator

Viator makes it simple for travelers to find exactly what they want to do. With direct access to more than 200,000 bookable activities, travelers can easily discover and book incredible experiences. Optimized for mobile booking, Viator lets travelers plan in advance or book on-the-go to skip long lines and sold-out signs. We also feature:

  • 24-hour cancellation policy
  • The lowest price guarantee
  • Millions of customer reviews
  • 24/7 multilingual customer care

What is the Viator Travel Partner Program?

Becoming a Viator Travel Partner means your customers can be browsing and booking our range of thousands of sightseeing, tours, attractions and transfers in 75+ countries and over 450 destinations worldwide. And you’ll be earning commission on every sale.

Why Should I Become a Viator Partner?

Viator’s Partner Program aims to make it easy for you to set up and manage your site, and convert visitors into customers.

We offer thousands (and that’s no exaggeration) of adventure activities, city tours, off-the-beaten-path experiences, educational tours, family-friendly activities, theater and show tickets, city passes, day trips… You name it, and we probably have it, all hand-selected by the Viator team, all available to your customers via our flexible Partner Program.

8% commission every time a customer books directly from your site

Becoming a Viator Travel Partner

Integrate Viator for searching hotel, you have to had an account from

If you already have one, please follow these steps below to integrated Viator to Traveler theme.

Step 1: Register account: You can register new in this link

Step 2:  Go to tab Marketing Tools > tab Link and feeds > tab Link

Step 3: Click to Download CSV file in Destination pages. After extract file zip will be have file vapDests.csv (it will to add Viator Setting API in Theme Setting)

Step 4: Extract traveler viator package, you will see the plugin

In WordPress Admin Dashboard and above you can install plugins directly from the admin area. Log in to your WP admin area and go to Plugins > Add New.

Browse to the plugin archive and select it. Then click Install Now and the plugin will be installed shortly and actived plugin.

Step 4: Go to our theme dashboard, open Traveler Settings > API Configure > Viator tab and add the Partner ID and Destination File (only allow Destination File, file type is csv) to the our fields.

Step 5: Finish change the home page ( have ST Search Form ) and add tab search for viator

After setup successfully. The search form with Viator Affilate will be like this


Demo page:

Home Affiliate