Creating Blog Posts

How To Create A Blog Post


Step 1 – Navigate to Posts in your WordPress admin sidebar.


Step 2 – Click on Add New button to create a post. Insert a title, then insert any post content in the editing field.


Step 3 – Choose Post Format in the right corner. It is default as Standard.


Step 4 – Depends on each particular format you choose to use specific button/field to add content for posts.


Step 5 – Add Categories assign it to the post, check the box next to the Category name.


Step 6 – Add Tags: Type the words to be tagged, separate multiple tags with commas.


Step 7 – Choose Featured image: click on “Set Featured Image”, then choose an image for your post.


Step 8 – When you finished, click on Publish to save and publish the post.

Post Format:


  • Standard – This is the default style. The post only displays main text, featured image will be only displayed on the blog homepage.
  • Image – The post shows text with image. Use Add Media button below post’s title to add pictures.
  • Gallery – The added images are showed in slider (gallery) on top of the post. Use Slider button to add images.
  • Video – The post shows a video on top. Paste the video URL in the Media URL box.
  • Audio – The post shows text with audio. Paste the audio URL in the Media URL box, then a music player will be displayed on the top of the post.
  • Quote – The post’s content shows text being quote. Use the ” symbol” on the toolbar.