Contact-Form Page

How To Create A Contact-Form Page


Step 1 – Make sure that you have installed the Contact Form 7 plugin.


Step 2 – Navigate to “Contact” option on the main dashboard menu, click on “All”, then Edit one contact form or select “Add New”


Step 3 – Edit the form fields, your contact email and customize any of your auto messages. Save the form and then use the shortcode provided in the brown bar at the top to insert your contact form wherever you want. Remember to enter your email instead of the [email protected] so you can receive the messages.



You need to add mail-tags to the fields in the Mail tab. These tags need to correspond to form-tags used in the Form tab. For example, when you used a form-tag [text your-new-field] ([text name]), the corresponding mail-tag that you should use in the Mail tab should be

[your-new-field] ([name])


For more details, see How Tags Work.


A mail-tag in the Mail tab will be replaced with the user input to the corresponding form field.