Car Details

Set as featured: Turn on this if you want this car to be featured


Car Single layout: We are now provide some layouts, you can choose Layout Single car or build your own layout. If you want to do so, click here for more information.


–  Car Gallery: Click on add more photos of your car. You can choose from Media library or import from your own computer.


Video: Insert link video here if available.

Feature: To build the list Feature for Car, you may follow these steps below.

Step 1. Enter the title of Feature, this title will show on the list Features(on single Car) or tooltip(on list search result)

Step 2. Select the corresponding taxonomy. This list depends on the Car Feature and Default Equipment which is ticked. If you don’t select any item on the list Feature/Equipment on the sidebar the list Taxonomy will show blank.

Step 3. Taxonomy Info: Enter number or text you want to show at the bottom of taxonomy, this information only show on Page search result.

Equipment price list: Each extra equipment has its own rental price. Follow these steps below to build it:

Step 1: Enter the title of Equipment.

Step 2: Enter the price for it.

Step 3: Select the unit for the price: + Fixed price: If your client rent this car in 3 days or 1 day, the service has only 35$ + Price per hour: the service is 35$ per an hour + Price per day: the service is 35$ per a day.

Car Brand

This information will show by using element: ST Car Detail Location on Layout. Just need to enter some information below:

  • Car Logo: you can upload Car brand
  • Car manufacturer name: Enter the name of Car brand
  • About: Enter short description about this brand.