Car Price

Please determined the price unit before setting the Price below.

Number of car for rent: Enter the number Car on your system.

Pricing ($): Enter the price for renting this car.

Custom price: Select the price unit for building the package. select: Price by number of days/hour or Price by date.

This is the example for Price by a number of day/hour.

Package 1: for rent car from 3-5 hours, it is 300$; enter some information below:

  1. Title: Enter the name of the package.
  2. Number start: rent car from 3 hours, cost only $300
  3. Number end: rent car to 5 hours, cost only $300
  • Discount by Percent: Discount off this Car by percent
  • Sale Schedule: If you want to set schedule for sale on specific days ( such as sale off on holiday/festival) you should turn ON  this option.
  • Sale Start Date: enter the starting date of sale for present Car.
  • Sale End Date: enter the ending date of sale for present Car.

Deposit payment options: Choose payment methods for deposit: percentage of Car price, an amount of deposit, no deposit. Depending on the car, you should choose an appropriate one.