Location Content

Build Gallery for Location

  • Use Gallery: TURN ON this option if you want to show big gallery on Location single
  • Location  Gallery Style: choose Gallery style to show photos on Detail Location page. We now provide 3 styles: Fotorama stage / Fotorama stage without nav và Light box gallery. If you choose Light box gallery, you have one more option to customize the number of photos in a row.
  • Image per row: choose number of photos in a row of Grid style. Photo width depends on this option.
  • Gallery: upload image to build Gallery on Location.

Build Layout for Location:

TURN ON this option if you want to build content by using our Template.

TURN OFF this option if you want to use only content on Editor. On this option, you can use some element below to build layout:

  • ST Location List Hotel: will list all hotels belong to this location.
  • ST Location List Rental: will list all rentals belong to this location.
  • ST Location List Car: will list all cars belong to this location.
  • ST Location List Tour: will list all tours belong to this location.
  • ST Location List Activity: will list all activities belong to this location.
  • Some element of WPBakery Page Builder.

Build tab Information on Location page

Use tabs

Tab navigation position: Select the position you want to show the navigate.

Tab items: this is tutorial to build the tabs on our demo:

  • Enter the Title for the tab: the first tab we are using is Information.
  • Tab icon: enter the font-icon you like to this field
  • Type: There are 6 types: Information, Hotel, Rental, Car, Activity, Tour.

If you select Information, you can continue select content you want to show:

  • Use current location content: this is content on Location editor above, that you can use WPBakery Page Builder element to build
  • Use Post: You can select the post that is written on Dashboard > Post
  • Use Child Tabs *

If you select Map,  you can continue to enter some information:

  • Map height: Enter the height you want to adjust for map
  • The maximum number of spots: how many items locations you want to show on map
  • Map style: Normal/ Midnight/ Family fest/ Open dark/ Riverside/ Ozan

If you select other post-types, you don’t need to enter any information.