Rental Price

This Section Allow You To Setup Normal And Discount Price



  • Price: Enter the price for the rental.
  • Fields list discount by number of days: You just need press Add new and enter the discount
    • Step 1: click on Add New button
    • Step 2: Enter title of list discount
    • Step 3: Enter number of days
    • Step 4: Enter Value of discount
  • Discount type: You want to discount by percent or fixed amount.

If your Rental provides some Extra services, you can follow these steps below:
Extra Price

  • Step 1: click to Add New button
  • Step 2: Enter title of Extra service
  • Step 3: Enter Name of Extra service, remember: instant write unsigned 
  • Step 3: Enter number of service
  • Step 4: Enter the price of service
  • Discount by Percent: Discount of this tour by percent
  • Sale Schedule : If you want to set schedule for sale on specific days ( such as sale off on holiday/festival) you should turn ON  this option.
  • Sale Start Date: enter the starting date of sale for present tour.
  • Sale End Date: enter the ending date of sale for present tour.
  • Deposit payment options : Choose payment methods for deposit: percentage of tour price, amount of deposit, no deposit. Depending on the tour, you should choose an appropriate one.