Search Result Room

1.How To Add Advance Search For Room


Step 1: Create new room and fill in full information.

General > Hotel Room Layout. You can choose any layouts, ex: Hotel Room Layout 3.



Step 2: Traveler Settings > Add new attribute.Create new attribute and choose parent for new attribute.



Step 3: Layout and choose Hotel Room Layout 3 and edit. Check choose facilities to display on your page.



With three above steps, we have layout result for new advance facility for room:



2. How to assign advance page.


When you complete the new feature for room. Please following steps to create page for search features of room

Step 1: Page > create new page

Title page : Advance search Room


Step 2: Add page to your customer who can search your rooms

Menus > search: Advance search Room.



Then we have search room



You are now created and assigned for advance search of room.