Tour Information

This Section Allow You To Setup:


  • Select Type Tour: Specific date (date of activity is already set) or Daily Tour (no date is set)
    • With Specific dates, go to Availability to set price for each day range of you
    • With Daily activity, go to Price Setting tab to set price for activity, all days will display a general price in availability tab. If you want to change price for each day, you can change it in Availability tab
    • With Daily activity: require setting duration(days/hours)
  • Minimum days to book before departure: Drag the slider to adjust the number of days.
  • Allow external booking: TURN ON this option then enter link URL if you allow your client booking this Tour on another site.
  • Min of people: Enter the minimum number of people for this Tour
  • Max number of people: Enter the maximum number of people for Tour


  • Tour program: Enter the programs for this Tour like title, upload image and program description.