Full Map Style

Homepage with Full Map has many noticeable features. You can use it as a Homepage for Hotel. When you hover a hotel, its location symbol will bounce.

Firstly, you go to Page > Add New page, using Element  ST List Map and template HOME

  • Title : enter title of Search map
  • Select Location : Choose a specific location where hotels are. Take Paris as an example
  • Type : Choose Hotel / Car / Tour..  Hotel is chosen in the example
  • Show Search Box : If you don’t want to show Search box, just choose “No”
  • Number : number of hotels you want to show on the map
  • Map Position : choose postion of map ( left/right)
  • Map Height : you can customize height of map as you want
  • Style Map: There’re 6 styles of Map (Normal, Midnight, Family Fest, Open Dark, Riverside, Ozan) Open Dark is used in Demo page.


– You can use element ST List Map as banner section of Homepage. Moreover, you can use other elements as your wish to create a Home page.

– Use Template “Home”

This is video to create a full map in Hotel section: