Car Search

Setup Page function for car at Dashboard > Traveler Settings > Car Options > Select layout for Search Car.

When creating layout for Search, we need 3 main elements: ST Single Search, ST List Location và ST List Car.

ST Single Search

  • Title Form Search : Give Search Form a title
  • Select Form Search : Choose Car if this page is created for Rental purpose.
  • Form’s direction : Vertical or Horizontal. Recommended Vertical form.
  • Style : 2 options for Search Form: Normal or Large
  • Show box shadow : Set Shadow for Search Box
  • Field Size : Choose the size of Search Field

ST List Location

Vacation Car in Popular Destinations

  • List ID in Location : Import Location ID from Database and separate each ID by a comma.
  • Type : Choose Car Search layout
  • Show Only Featured Location : Among Location IDs above, set Featured for ID that you want to highlight.
  • Items per row : Number of location IDS be shown in a row
  • Style location : Normal or Curved
  • Show Logo : Show Location Logo
  • Logo Position : Choose position of logo. Default position: Left
  • Order By : Arrange IDs
  • Order : Sort by ASC or DESC

ST List Car

  • Title : Give Widget a title
  • List ID in Car: Allow you to choose special Car that you want to show on Search Layout
  • Number Car : number of Cars you want to show on Search Page
  • Order by : Order based on the criteria such as: name , title, date ..
  • Order : arrange in ascending or descending order
  • Style Car : there are 2 styles Grid and List
  • Number Car of row : number of Cars in a row
  • Only in Featured Location : If you only want to show Featured Car, then choose Yes
  • Location : only show Cars in Location you set, if no location, Cars in all locations will be shown
  • Sort By Taxonomy: We provide 2 Taxonomies including Car Type and Inclusion, you can use them to customize your arrangement.

Car ID

Here is a tutorial video of how to create a Car Search Page.