Hotel Room

Traveler includes elements about to room that allows users to create as many single room hotel layout as they wish. Each single room hotel layout you create can have element, position and more. Let’s get started

Create A Single Room Hotel Layout

Step 1 – Navigate to Layouts and click Add New

Step 2 – Input a new name for your layout, then find the Layout Options box

Step 3 – Select Hotel Room from the Layout Type dropdown list

Step 4 – Use Hotel element to build content

Step 5 – Once you are done, be sure to Publish each page you create.

We have 4 available layouts for you to use or you can create new layout by yourself.

Hotel room style 1

Hotel room style 2

Hotel room style 3

Hotel room style 4

Display on front-end


Here is a tutorial video of how to create a detailed ROOM Layout.