New Update Option_Optimize The Speed Of List Service (Hotel)

Dear Customers, 


From version 2.7.8, we have added a new option like “Disable availability check” for hotel service.



  • This option allows to disable availability check in hotel search results, and not use ‘st_room_availability’ table in the query. This function can make faster query and the search results page loading and increases the user’s experiences.
  • According to our calculations, this option makes the query 9 times faster.
  • This change will also make some of the features change like below:
  1. Do not hide hotels not available in that search.
  2. Price is shown by min price or average price. The price is calculated from the base price of all rooms of each hotel.

Example: This hotel is 3 rooms:

– Min price is: $130
– Average price is: $234

It will show in the search results:

Note: This price is a relative price (reference price). When customers access to each room, the price will be displayed the current price.