Rental Search Result

Select the layout for Search result Rental: Allow you choose a layout for the rental detail page.

Go to Traveler Setting > Rental Options > Select Layout for single Rental.

Below are necessary Elements in creating a Search Result Layout

  • ST Rental Head Search :Name a Title for each Search Result. For example: Search Results in Ha Long bay.
  • ST Rental Content Search : Searh Results be shown in Grid or List. Default: Grid.

ST Single Search:

  • Title Form Search : Give Search form a name
  • Select Form Search : Choose Rental if this page is used for rental search.
  • Form’s direction : Vertical of Horizontal. Recommended Vertical.
  • Style : 2 options: Normal or Large
  • Show box shadow : Turn on/off the shadow of search box
  • Field Size : Choose the size of a field search

ST Filter

You are recommended to use ST Filter instead of Widgetised Sidebar.

There are several sub-elements added by clicking “+” inside ST Filter element: ST Filter Price, ST Filter Rate, ST Filter Hotel Star Rating, ST Filter Taxonomy. 

The number of sub-elements is up to you, so it’s not compulsory to add all of them.

Here is a tutorial video of how to create a Rental Search Result Layout.