Tour Single

Setup Page function for Tour at Dashboard > Traveler Settings > Tour Options.

Create A Single Tour Layout

Step 1 Navigate to Layouts  and click Add New 

Step 2 –  Input a new name for your layout, then find the Layout Options box

Step 3 – Select Tour Single from the Layout Type dropdown list

Step 4 – Use Tour element to build content

Step 5 – Once you are done, be sure to Publish each page you create.

We have 3 available layouts for you to use

Tour Single Style 1

Tour Single Style 2

Tour Single Style 3

Display on front-end

Single Tour Layout contains :

  • ST Detail Tour Gallery : display list of tour’s photos that you uploaded in Tour detail.
  • ST Tour Thumbnail: display featured image of tour
  • ST Tour Info : display information in Tour Setting > Infomations
  • ST Tour Excerpt : display a short introduction of tour
  • ST Detail Tour map : display map of Tour based on longtitude and latitude that you entered in Tour Detail
  • ST Tour progam : display detailed program of each tour based on information in Tour information
  • ST Tour Share : share tour information on social network. This is a good tool to advertise your tours.
  • ST Tour Review : display review of customers for each tour.
  • ST List Tour : display list of tour.
  • ST Tour Nearby :  display list of tours with similar features.
  • ST Post Data: you can use to show content or description or title or featured image
  • ST Tour Content: display description section of tour
  • Widgetsed Sidebar

Here is a tutorial video of how to create a Single Tour Layout.