New Layout

Dear Customers,


We want to bring more profit to our customer by continue update our theme with more Demo layouts that allow clients to apply for their business.



In the Modern layout version, we have restructured somethings in theme. You can refer details below.


All options removed in Theme Options of theme:
For the search form at home page in all layouts.
By update, optimize for travel trending our theme we had changed something in our design and structure for the Modern layout.
In the Modern layout, there are no options for the customer can change the fields of the search form.
We have used hard-code for this section for fit with UX/UI of travel site. Of course, client can make any custom for change layout by use child-theme for match with requirements.
For the layout of the search page and detail page of the service
The customer can not create custom layout like when using classic layout. We have created some fixed layout option so you can only choose one of them.
For the filter sidebar in the search result page
You can still create filter option dynamically in the sidebar of the search result page. You can refer our document for for more details in here:


What you can do with Classic and Modern layout?


You can not mixed Classic and Modern layout in one site for now because of the different style.

You can use our new Modern layout for your new site by use with your data in Classic layout for apply to Modern layout.

You can mix Hotel, Tour, Activity, Car and Rental from Modern layout in one site with Hotel, Room, Activity, Car, Rental and Tour services.


How to use new layouts for the clients who using the previous layout before.


Step 1: Go to “Theme Settings” -> “Styling Options” and change “Theme Style” option to “Modern” to use new layout for your site.