New Layout_ Hiking

Dear customer.

From version, we do support new layout for Hiking. Please, visit here

There are supported Element in New Homepage.

  • [ST] Slider Tour With Search Form
  • Hiking tour Description
  • ST Title and content
  • [ST] List Categories
  • ST List of Services
  • ST Feature Item
  • ST List of Destinations
  • ST Testimonial
  • ST Blog
  • [ST] Images of Instagram

1.[ST] Slider Tour With Search Form

(1) Select Style

(2) Add Element

(3) Upload Image

(4) Enter Title

(5) Enter content

(6) Enter link URL

(7) Save the setting

2. Hiking tour description 

We used element Text Block and add Class “hiking-description”

3. ST Title and content

(1) Enter title

(2) Select default layout

(3) Select Style layout (In this Homepage, we do support two styles of Homepage layouts are Wase style black color and Wase style white color)

(4) Save the setting

4. [ST] List Categories

(1) Enter Categories ID

(2) Enter number of item you want to display

(3) Select style

(4) Save the setting

5. ST List of Services


(1) Select service

(2) Select Style

(3) Enter service ID

(4) Enter the number of item you want to display

(5) Save the setting

6. ST Feature item 

(1) Enter icon (image svg)

(2) Enter the title

(3) Enter the description

(4) select style

(5) Save the setting

7. ST List of Destination 

(1) Select the service

(2) Enter the destination ID

(3) Enter the number of items you want to display

(4) Select Style

(5) Save the setting

8. ST Testimonial 

(1) Select style

(2) Add item

(3) Upload avatar (Style 4 no need upload avatar)

(4) Enter the name

(5) Enter Content

(6) Save the setting

9. ST Blog 

(1) Select Style

(2) Enter the number of display post

(3) Enter the number of post display in one row

(4) Select Category (Not required)

(5) Select short by Asc or Desc

(6) Select short by ID, name,…

(7) Enter IP posts

(8) Save the setting

10. [ST] Image of Instagram

(1) To edit, setting

(2) Select “Stretch row and content (no padding)”

(3) Save the setting

(1) Enter your Username Instagram

(2) Enter number of item you want to display

(3) Save the setting.