Hotelcombined system

HotelsCombined is a hotel metasearch engine founded in 2005, with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The site operates in over 42 languages, handles 130 different currencies and aggregates more than 2 million deals from hundreds of travel sites and hotel chains.

You can following these steps bellow to intergrate it with Traveler theme.

1. Register account: You can register new in this link:


2. After login to the site, move to Private Branding  tab at the left side to create new form.



3. Insert required information of your website that intergrating with like the name of website, logo, language…



4. Customize search form: at this step, you can custom search form as you want by select the settings at Properties tab and Font tab.


Save all your changes after finish it.

5. After that, you will get an search form ID in HTML Code section.



6. The last step is go to our theme dashboard, open Traveler Settings > API Configure > HotelsCombined tab and add the form ID and account ID (stayed right next the name at the top of page) to the our fields.