Skyscanner Travel APIs

The Skyscanner API is composed of services that can be used either individually, to add travel search functionality to an existing product, or combined, to build a fully-fledged travel search product.

Integrate Skyscanner for searching hotel, flight, you have to had an account from

If you already have one, please follow these steps below to integrated Skyscanner to Traveler theme.

Step 1: In the skyscanner dashboard, create an app by click on ADD APP.

Step 2: Set your app name at the right popup and hit on Save button.

Step 3: It will automatic generate an API key for you.

Step 4: Please copy the key and go to Traveler Settings > API Configure, switch to Skyscanner tab then paste your key to API Key field. Do not forget select the remaining attributes.


Step 5. Add a tab for Flight search.

Go to Traveler Settings > Search Options, Press Add new button to add new tab in Display searching tabs, Continue enter some information as below: