TravelPayout Whitelable

White Label is search powered by Jetradar and Hotellook that is integrated into your site’s design. If you have White Label, the user will view search results on a subdomain of your site.

Since version 1.4.6, theme has supported the feature to help you quick set up the page layout for Whitelable:


Step 1. In admin dashboard, select Page > Add New to create a new page layout for Whitelable.

Step 2: In the page edit, select TravelPayout Search Result for Template and Publish/Update your page.


Step 3: To apply this page layout for Search function, go to Traveler Settings > API Configure > switch to TravelPayouts tab and select the page name that created at Whitelabel Page Search.



Step 4: Three steps above is only the way to set up page layout for Whitelable. To use it, you have to turn this feature on at Use Whitelabel option.