Booking Option

Traveler have supported two Booking Methods:

  • Modal Booking: With some of payment methods such as Submit form, Paypal, Payfast, Stripe.This option allows you to TURN ON Modal Booking for site.


  • Woocommerce Booking: With all of payment methods that they support. This option is used to check Spam Booking, it only works with Modal Booking


Invoice Option: With this option allow you, your partner, export invoice of booking services. it only work when you enable.

  1. Booking Fee Options: Allow you to charge a type of fee whenever customer who book your service. You can fix a number for this fee.

Card Accepted

This option allows you to add Card information on your site.  It is same as data, do not use to pay anything.

Building card information to assign it for each service like this:

To add new Card item, follow these steps below:

  1. Title: Enter Title for Card item.
  2. Image: Upload an image for Card item.

Automatical detect currency by language.