Email Template Shortcode

You can edit the email templates for Admin, Partner, Customer by using our shortcodes system with some layout we ready build in. Below is the list of shortcodes you can use:

Besides, you can download our predesign email template and import into WordPress: Email Template


1. Customer Information

Name Code Description
First Name: [st_email_booking_first_name]
Last Name: [st_email_booking_last_name]
Email: [st_email_booking_email]
Address: [st_email_booking_address]
Phone Number: [st_email_booking_phone]
City: [st_email_booking_city]
Province: [st_email_booking_province]
Zipcode: [st_email_booking_zip_code]
Apt/Unit: [st_email_booking_apt_unit]
Country: [st_email_booking_country]
Custom field (ST form builder): [st_email_booking_custom_field] For example, name of custom field is "st_text" . So use this shortcode:

[st_email_booking_custom_field field_name = "st_text"]

2. Item booking Information

Name Code Description
Post type name [st_email_booking_posttype] Show post-type name.
ID: [st_email_booking_id] Display the Order ID
Thumbnail Image: [st_email_booking_thumbnail] Display the product’s thumbnail image (if have)
Date: [st_email_booking_date] Display the booking date
Special Requirements: [st_email_booking_note] Display the information of the ‘Special Requirements’ when booking
Payment Method: [st_email_booking_payment_method] Display the booking method
Item Name: [st_email_booking_item_name] Display item name of service.
Item Link: [st_email_booking_item_link] Display the item title with a link under.
Item Number: [st_email_booking_number_item] Display number of items when booking.
Check In:
Check Out:

1. Display check in, check out with Hotel and Rental
2. Display Pick-up Date and Drop-off Date with Car
3. Display Departure date and Return date with Tour and Activity
Start Time: [st_email_booking_start_time] Display Start Time with Tour
Item Price: [st_email_booking_item_price] Display item price (not included Tour and Activity)
Item Origin Price: [st_email_booking_origin_price]
Display original price of the item (not included custom price, sale price and tax)
Item Sale Price: [st_email_booking_sale_price] Display the sale price.
Item Tax Price: [st_email_booking_price_with_tax] Display the price with tax.
Item Deposit Price: [st_email_booking_deposit_price] Display the deposit require.
Item Total Price: [st_email_booking_total_price] Display the total price (included sale price and tax).
Item Tax Percent: [st_email_booking_total_price] Display the total amount payment.
Item Address: [st_email_booking_item_address] Display the address.
Item Website: [st_email_booking_item_website] Display the website.
Item Email: [st_email_booking_item_email] Display the email.
Item Phone: [st_email_booking_item_phone] Display the phone.
Item Fax: [st_email_booking_item_fax] Display the fax.
Booking Status: [st_email_booking_status] Display the booking status.
Booking Payment method: [st_email_booking_payment_method] Display the booking payment method.
Booking Guest Name: [st_email_booking_guest_name] Display the booking guest name.

3. Use for Hotel

Name Code Description
Room Name: [st_email_booking_room_name]
Display the room name of hotel.
@param ‘title’ ‘string’.
Extra Items: [st_email_booking_extra_items] Display all service/facillities inside a room.
Extra Price: [st_email_booking_extra_price] Display total price of service in room.

4. Use for Car

Name Code Description
Car Time: [st_email_booking_check_in_out_time]
Display Pick up and Drop off time.
Car pick up from: [st_email_pick_up_from]
Display Pick up from.
Car Drop off to : [st_email_drop_off_to]
Car Drop off to
Car Driver Informations: [st_email_car_driver]
Car Driver Informations
Car Equipments: [st_email_booking_equipments]
Display equipment list in a car.
@param ‘tag’ ‘string’.
@param ‘title’ ‘string’.
Car Equipments Price: [st_email_booking_equipment_price]
Display total price of equipment in car.
@param ‘title’ ‘string’.
Car Transfer Information: [st_email_booking_car_transfer_info]
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Estimated distance

5. Use for Tour and Activity

Name Code Description
Adult Information: [st_email_booking_adult_info]
Display info of adult (number and price)
@param ‘title’ ‘string’.
Children Information: [st_email_booking_children_info]
Display info of adult (number and price)
@param ‘title’ ‘string’.
Infant Information: [st_email_booking_infant_info]
Display info of infant (number and price)
@param ‘title’ ‘string’.

6. Use for Flight

Flight Information: [st_email_booking_flight_extra_info]

7. Use for Confirm Email

Confirm Link: [st_email_confirm_link]

8. Use for Approved Email

Account name [st_approved_email_admin_name] Returns the name of the accounts was approved
Post type [st_approved_email_item_type] Returns type is type approved post (Hotel, Rental, Car, …)
Item name [st_approved_email_item_name] Returns the name of the item has been approved
Item link [st_approved_email_item_link] Returns link to item
Approval date [st_approved_email_date] Returns the Approval date

9. MemberShip

Partner’s Name [st_email_package_partner_name] Returns the name of the partner
Partner’s Email [st_email_package_partner_email] Returns email of the partner
Partner’s Phone [st_email_package_partner_phone] Returns phone number of the partner
Package Name [st_email_package_name] Returns name of the package
Package Price [st_email_package_price] Returns price of the package
Package Commission [st_email_package_commission] Returns commission of the package
Package Time [st_email_package_time] Returns time available of the package
Package Item Upload [st_email_package_upload] Returns number of item uploaded of the package
Package Item Set Featured [st_email_package_featured] Returns number of item set featured of the package
Package Description [st_email_package_description] Returns description of the package

10. Invoice

Link Download Invoice [st_email_booking_url_download_invoice]